Trans Network London (TNL)

Trans Network London (TNL) is a trans led networking group that aims to improve London living within our trans communities through establishing connections.

The network is there to provide a body of knowledge about the lives and needs of trans people living in London for the purposes of other organisations to engage, collaborate and partner with for the purposes of ensuring trans inclusion across their services, organisations and business.

The network comes together in order to share knowledge, expertise and resources; to offer a more joined up approach to trans inclusion and to achieve more. The network celebrates the diversity and the array of skills, experiences and identities within the communities and between the organisations.

We want to collate information and pass on information to our respective communities and we want to work with institutes, agencies and bodies that affect the London living of trans people.

We feel passionate that trans people are are the heart of addressing the issues of trans London living.  The old adage “Nothing about us without us” is pertinent to the network.

We want to connect more fully across our respective communities and be stronger together.

Trans Network London

A network of trans organisations in London