We shared a brilliant TNL picnic in the park!

Trans Network London picnic

We were so lucky with the weather on Saturday 5th September. In the morning it was really damp but by the time we walked to the park the rain clouds had disappeared!

We met under this tree (the same one used for the Press for Change picnics ten years ago). Lots of ground sheets kept us dry and there was plenty of food to share. At one stage there were more than thirty of us there! And the sun did come out for a while!!

Before we traveled home we visited the Pavilion and took some group photos, have a look at the photo album to see.


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The first TAGS Self Defence class was great!

First TAGS Self Defence class

The first TAGS self defence class took place on 10th September and went really well!

Here is some feedback from Roberta:

It was so lovely to quickly, gain skills that could be used to protect myself if I ever need them. As a community we all have felt vunerable at times especially travelling at night. Our self defence teacher Jai Chan, is very experienced and gave lots of really great tips to our fledging class. I want to feel free as a trans* person travelling around London, especially at night. The evenings are drawing in quickly.  I know,now after a couple of classes, I will gain confidence and feel so much safer now.

There are still spaces available in the class – contact Roberta at robertatrans21@gmail.com or robertafrancis844@yahoo.co.uk


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The Trans Network London website launches today!

Trans Network London website launches today

The Trans Network London website launches today, Saturday 5th September, at our picnic in the park!

The website offers lots of information about member groups and the services and events these groups are running.

picnic card back

To make this website even better, please send your news and events to admin@transnetworklondon.org.uk

Also tell us what you would like us to include – for example – how about a list of trans friendly GPs in London? If you know of one, email us and let us know!



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