The aims of TNL are to:

  • work more cohesively across our respective communities and be stronger together
  • address the issues of London living for trans people and solve problems through establishing connections within the community and through partnership work
  • share practice, knowledge, tools and resources amongst the community
  • Champion trans led initiatives that will improve trans people‚Äôs lives
  • Identify gaps in service provision through knowledge gained on the ground
  • Liaise with particular agencies, bodies and organisations in order to ensure the inclusion and accommodation of trans people in the particular areas of London living such as: health and social services, community safety and the police, London transport, education and housing


The values at TNL are to:

  • embrace democratic avenues to achieving our joint aims of improving London living for trans people
  • work hard to ensure diversity and to be mindful of intersectionality
  • embrace an ethos of collaboration and to involve trans people across our organisations in the shaping, decision making and achievement of its aims