trans inquiry

IMPORTANT: Responses need to be received by Friday 21st August so act soon

The Women and Equalities Committee is undertaking an inquiry into equality for transgender (trans) people — that is, people who identify with a different gender to the one assigned to them at birth.

In recent years important steps have been taken to ensure equality for trans people. The Gender Recognition Act 2004 for the first time allowed trans people to be legally recognised in their new gender. And the Equality Act 2010 made it illegal to discriminate against trans people.

However, the Committee is aware that full equality for trans people still has not been achieved. In its inquiry the Committee will look at a range of outstanding issues and consider how they can most effectively be addressed. These will include: how well the current law is operating; employment and workplace issues; transphobia and hate crime; trans people in the criminal justice system; NHS services for trans people; and issues affecting trans youth.

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Also the LGBT Consortium and Trans Organisations Network has produced a briefing document to help you if you would like to write to the inquiry.

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Women and Equalities Committee Inquiry into Transgender Equality