Knowledge is PowerGendered Intelligence present Knowledge is Power  a new online resource for young trans and gender variant people, their families and those who support them. 

Over a 12 month period, we’ve gathered information and experiences from young trans, gender variant and questioning people through a series of youth sessions.

We’ve also assembled research and writing from a diverse team of Gendered Intelligence community members.

In Knowledge is Power, you’ll find answers to questions like:
How can I make a self-care plan?
How can I get referred to a gender identity service?

What gender-neutral pronouns can I use? 
As part of our Knowledge is Power project we want to provide you with lots of information, but it’s up to you to convert that into knowledge.

Knowledge is Power covers:

Trans Identities and Trans Communities
Coming out
Gender expression
General health and physical health
Mental health and trans people
Sexual health and trans people
Accessing gender care specialists
Trans people in education
Experiencing bullying
Trans people and work life
Equality and Diversity Remits

We’ll be adding new pages and resources to Knowledge is Power over time. If you know any brilliant resources that we’ve missed out, get in touch and tell us about them.

Knowledge is Power is a Big Lottery funded project.

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Knowledge is Power
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