Stonewall HousingStonewall Housing provides advocacy, advice and housing support, and influences housing policy and practice, in order to improve the lives of lesbians, gay men, bisexual and trans* (LGBT) people.

Homeless trans* people often have real difficulties in terms of being appropriately addressed in mainstream services. Many sheltered-spaces are gender segregated and some provisions are providing particularly poor services to trans* people. The lack of fair and accessible mainstream services for trans* people mean many have no option but to stay in spaces which aren’t safe or appropriate.

Stonewall Housing is working with trans* communities to help address these issues. We are developing solutions to the housing needs of trans* people including the opening our first trans* specific housing project (which happened in 2015).

Stonewall Housing, 2A Leroy House, 436 Esssex Road, London N1 3QP


020 7359 6242 (office)

078 1471 9623 (mobile)