training resource for GPsCARE for GENDER VARIANT PEOPLE

The Royal College of General Practitioners has launched a training resource to help GPs respond to the needs of adults and young people experiencing gender dysphoria. Complete this training to earn CPD points.

The numbers of trans people presenting for medical help are rising rapidly; accordingly, the waiting lists for access to specialist providers grow longer. The mental health of those not able to access treatment is likely to deteriorate and self-medication with products bought via the internet is common. The risk of self-harm and suicide in people unable to access treatment may be as much as 20 times higher than in the general population. However, with appropriate medical care, outcomes can be very positive.

The quicklink below takes you to the summary page of the course. Select ‘Start Gender Variance’ the page will route you through to a login page – register for free with the eLearning Platform, after which you can access the course. GMC/ NMC numbers are not required; leave these boxes blank.

The leaflet pictured here is available as a word document here. Please print out and distribute to your friends and colleagues and especially to give to your GP.

If anyone has difficulty in accessing resource, please inform GIRES at:

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New trans training resource for GPs