Stop our silence

Take a stand against gender-based bullying with Gendered Intelligence

Sign up to Gendered Intelligence’s #StopOurSilence campaign this November to raise awareness of transphobic and gender-related bullying in schools, colleges and universities.

So many young transgender and gender non-conforming people face day to day mistreatment and cruelty because of their gender identity or expression.

Take part in a 24-hour sponsored silence and stand up for young people who cannot speak out because they are afraid of being punished or not being taken seriously.  You can choose any day between 14th and 22nd November.

The money you raise will support Gendered Intelligence’s vital work in schools and our work with young trans people.

Your silence against transphobic and gender-based bullying is the chance to tell your community that everyone should be free to express their gender identity, without fear of violence or discrimination.

To take part, fill in this form today. 


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Stop Our Silence
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