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This is an outline of the recent TAGS Access To Swimming Survey. Jane Chaplin who supports the Tags Birmingham space has very kindly put an outline together. It comes from all over England and part of Wales. It makes very interesting reading as it outlines the need there is for safe swimming spaces.
Please feel free to comment on the survey (email robertatrans21@gmail.com).
Outline of the survey
192 responses
Question 1
Last swam up to 12  months     39.58% – 76 people
Last swam up to 5 years            36.98% – 71 people
Last swam up to 10 years         23.44 – 45 people
Clearly there is a reason why people are not swimming which is outlined in later questions, reasons given include Dysphoria and Transphobia in situations where public swimming is available.
Question 2
Reasons to stop swimming
Fear of being outed                                        78
Ridicule                                                          108
Transphobia or the fear                                  127
Reaction from pool staff                                    95
Not Safe to change                                         118
Other reasons                                                    60
Dysphoria associated with being n public pool    34
Fear of transgender people                                 1
Question 3
Distance to travel
Not prepared to travel        3.15%        6
Up to 10 miles                    65.26%      124
Up to 20 miles                    24.74%       47
Greater distance                  6.84%       13
This presumes reasonable traveling by public or own transport with reasonable parking or taxi/bus access to baths
Question 4
Frequency of event
Monthly         37.23%         70
Fortnightly     30.32%         57
Weekly           27.13%        51
A fairly even split between the people answering this question however the organisation and cost of more frequent events than once a month would have to be assessed. Certainly once a month appears to work at present.
Question 5
Reasons to swim
Socialise                            29.47%        57
Exercise                            17.89%        34
Love of swimming              34.74%       66
Safety                                                     12
All listed elements                               103
Question 6
General consensus from participants that a swimming event would be well received across many locations in the UK, especially in city and larger centres.
Question 7
Answers give a wide range of places across UK, certainly if suitable central locations can be found and supported. There is clearly a demand for swimming but ease of travel and cost of events would be of paramount importance.
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TAGS Access to Swimming Survey: Results