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TAGS Support CIC, has recently carried out a Survey Monkey, to look at the difficulty faced by trans and non-binary swimmers to access spaces in England  and Wales.
Our reach out to the community is very much restricted by resources but we have managed to get 190 respondees to our survey. The survey answers came from the South West, South East North and North East of England and  also from Wales.
The stats very much reflect the need for safe trans swimming spaces.
For example:
70% of our respondents don’t swim because of fear of transphobia;
67% of our swimmers would like the opportunity to swim at least once a month.;
63% feel there is nowhere safe to change.
I am posting the results as I feel it is important that we keep pushing because the problem of the lack of trans inclusive leisure spaces in the UK is a human rights issue.
Roberta Francis TAGS Support CIC
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TAGS Swimming Survey Results